When The Mill Goes (redesigned) 

This is my favorite story.

I've been learning a lot about web design lately. I used Bootstrap to create a this very simple, responsive website. 

Aside from a simple navbar and collapsible grid system, I added a disqus comment section at the end, as well as multiple sharing options. 

I am now learning SASS and Compass. 

Read "When The Mill Goes" here.

I started as a way to keep busy and test some ideas. 

It profiles average Canadians as I travel the country. It is all set to original music that I wrote and recorded. It is also an opportunity to put my new web design skills to work. (Here's the template.)

It's taken a back seat lately, although I will continue to work on it. I plan to eventually sell it as packaged "seasons." But, it has to remain a hobby. (Read my blog post about it here.) 

Here is the demo episode I created with Bill, an Okanagan farmer from England. 

Beaumont News

Carey Borchuk: building a passion

My knowledge of cars is limited, to put it lightly, but Borchuk was happy to expand on what I knew, all while explaining a fantastic project. He has a quality I admire most. 

Shelley Mckone: Music for Young Children

I really enjoyed this story. Not only was there music and a few different scenes to visit, but McKone was genuinley excited about what she does. And that makes my job a million times easier.



 More stories from the Beaumont News, with commentary, in the blog section

Running Story in the Petawawa Post

I've been working for the Petawawa Post. Here's a feature that I'm particularly proud of. This was in the Nov. 29, 12 issue.


The best way to find more of my work for this paper is through TwitterFacebook, or Google +. There's also a forum that can link you to PDFs of each issue, plus any multimedia content we put up. 

 The full PDF for the paper this story was in is HERE

Monologue with Music

I like this. It's one voice telling a story, accented with music. It's a way to combine my love for writing music and journalism.  I think the ideal length is around 3 minutes. 

It can be done by cutting down an interview and making the interviewee the narrator. This story came from an hour long interview. The name has been changed.  


It can also be done with a personal story or commentary. This is one I did for a friend's show about bucket lists. It's about why I like goals more than I like achieving them.


When The Mill Goes

Still my favorite so far. I've never tried to publish it anywhere. Bathurst will never recover from this, and the more I learn about similar situations around New Brunswick, the more I'm fascinated by the impact an employer has on an area. 

The Mill on it's way down - Winter 2010

I always knew I wouldn’t work at the mill. It had been the foundation of Bathurst for nearly a century. My dad told me never to go there. The place stressed him out. His father warned him too, but he didn’t listen.

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NBFA - Why Is Art Important

I pitched this idea in an interview and then spent my summer making it. I interviewed people around the province and made a video to help promote the NBFA's Art Bond. 

In hindsight, I'd say it's a little too long. And I want to call it a "Video Essay" now, because I'm a little uncomfortable with the lack of non-interview footage. But I like the ideas, I like the flow, and I had a great time putting it together. 


I also left them smaller segments from some of the interviews to continuously upload for a few months after I left, but they never made it up. The explanation of the Art Bond is on the YouTube channel though.

I wish I could do this sort of thing for the rest of my life...




Pilot episode of "Inertia," a show centered around what motivates people to do anything. This episode is about people who find the confidence to follow an idea.

*I did all the music, except at the end of the Local Arts section where a part of "History" by The Olympic Symphonium is played. Ryan Robichaud contributed drums to the intro, and Dan Goyette helped with the outro. 

Two Pieces on CBC's Shift

I had two pieces on CBC's Shift. My professor showed some of our pieces, and out of the 10 choosen, two were mine. 


One was a documentary I did about my brother and his girlfriend. They tented on some land in North Tetagouche so that they could spend their summer gardening, raising chickens and turkeys, and helping the neighbors. 

The other piece was a commentary with sound. It's about trying out a hearing aid, and whether I even want to hear all the annoying high pitch sounds that I couldn't hear from birth. There's no music. It's also my first attempt at a monologue and writing a story about myself. I still kind of like it.  


Writing - Who Needs a Studio When You've Got a Tape Recorder?

Printed in the Aquinian as “The Upside of Indie” on April 5th, 2011, and posted on my Wordpress here

On—a social news aggregator—it was suggested that I listen to “lo-fi, satanic, weed-drenched pop.” Definitely not a genre I’ve ever seen in record stores.

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